About Our Company

Staff_PhotoFounded:  1967

Our founder:  Rich Ormsbee

Where are we?  965 New Holland Road, Kenhorst, PA

Who are the company’s principal leaders?  Terre L. Ormsbee Lepera

What do we produce?  Recognition awards, trophies, plaques, medals, and engraving as well as bowling equipment sales and service.

How many employees?  Six

Our mission:  To continually update with new innovations through technology in the awards industry, increasing sales and helping the economy by providing jobs.

How did the company get started?  We started as a bowling pro shop and added the awards business later, which now constitutes 75 percent of our business.  We are a full-service trophy and awards manufacturer.

What is the key to our success?  We always have deadlines to meet, so service is definitely a key to our success.  Getting to know our customers personally and satisfying their every need is another.